I Went Off

Today I went off on a client’s friend.

Yes not the client but his friend. So stupid.

A lot of people perceive Public Defenders as “Public Pretenders”.  They think that we are not attorneys. that we work with the Prosecutors and we are plain and simple incompetent.

I knew this when I started working there and I’ve never really let that get to me but today enough was enough.

I was explaining to my client what his options were for his case.  His friend starts yapping his big mouth and saying that I didn’t know what I was doing, that I need to fight for my client.  Just a whole bunch of mess in the courtroom in front of the Judge and Prosecutor and other clients.  I tried to neutralize the situation by not really paying him any mind and trying to continue to talk to my client.  Basically I was trying to ignore him and over talk him, so my client could hear what I was saying.   Let’s just say it got out of control.  So I asked my client to speak with him in private.  We step outside.

Guess who follows? His friend.  I totally understand being protective of the people you love but there is something called RESPECT.  There is a way to approach people to petition your cause.  But his approach was in no way appropriate.  He was yelling at me and insulting my intelligence and my dedication to my client.

So we are outside in the hallway and I am trying again to neutralize the situation.  I even try to include the friend in the conversation.  I ask the friend for his name and I try to really let him understand that I am not trying to hurt his friend but he did not want to hear that.

And then he starts to yell AGAIN.

So I get extremely pissed off and I tell him that he will not disrespect me.  I said a whole lot of stuff but the line that let people know I was about to explode was . .  “You actin like a lil female.”  You know what I really wanted to say.  Replace female with b _ _ _  _!  The Prosecutor runs out and pulls me in.  I told the people in the court, “I try to leave where I’m from – where I’m from!” Meaning, I don’t want to be hood in court.  But I aint afraid to get hood.  I will not allow anyone to think that it’s okay to speak to me any kinda way.  Especially someone who has no stake in the matter.  I mean he was the friend of the client.  Not even my client’s mom or family member but a friend.  SMDH!!

In the end, he finally shut the freak up!

But I was so pissed! I could not even really focus and talk to my client about his case because that boy took me to a place that’s hard to come back from.

I felt like there was no other way to handle the situation but to go off.  Like dude was not backing off and I had to get loud, put on my serious face, add some bass in my voice, put my Miami accent, and check him!

Woosaaa . . .


2 thoughts on “I Went Off

  1. LOL! That was hilarious! Especially the “I try to leave where I’m from!” part. Sometimes people only take you seriously when you take it there. Otherwise they walk all over you. I need to be more like you in situations like these. But then again, I try to avoid it all together. You weren’t lying when you said your job was stressful…

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