Getting Organized

I finally got a planner. Yes, I know we are 3 months into 2012 . . .

I feel so organized.  No more double/triple booking.  Yes, sometimes it gets like that.

I understand that I need to really plan out my day.  I often tell myself and others, ” I don’t have any time.”

But the truth is I do!  I work about 8 hours a day, when I get home I’m resting and then I eat dinner and go to bed.  Yes, work is highly stressful and deeply tiresome but I can squeeze in some time for activities throughout the work week. 

I know that an organized life is a successful life.  I have learned that you miss out on things when you are not prepared.  Being organized is preparation.  And I am tired of losing out. 

I dont envy much but organized people make me sooo jelly 🙂

I am on the road to complete organization.  My life . . .  my room (an unorganized room is really an unorganized life) . . . is under construction!



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