Translucent Powder

I brought some translucent powder a long time ago from E.L.F.  And I’ve used it once or twice since then.  Today I was going through my makeup and I found it.  I wanted to know if I was using it correctly so I decided to do some research on the world-wide web.  Here is what I found . . .

What is translucent powder used for?

It’s used to set foundation and/or concealer.  It is not used to cover or add color.  It’s colorless/clear so it won’t change your foundation’s color.

How do you use translucent powder?

You use it after your foundation but before you apply blush and bronzer.  And you can apply it with a puff or a brush.

My Experiences

When I used it in the past, I would get an ashy look, which I despised.  I think I may have applied too much.  I will retry my translucent powder and tell you how I feel about it.  Now that we are approaching hotter days I may have to use my translucent powder more often.  I think that people with oily skin would benefit greatly as it controls shine and gives a more matte finish.


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