The Day After Yesterday

Yesterday was my birthday. I was very excited about it until it came. I woke up thinking, “Man I’m almost 30!” A bit scary, I must admit. I know that age aint nothing but a number but I also know that with age comes a lot of responsibility.

Whenever I reflect about my journey into adulthood, I think about myself as a 3rd grader. I am not sure why this is always my point of reference but it always is. But I appreciate this perspective because I see that my hopes and dreams have been realized. It’s amazing how good God has been to me. So it baffles me how I dont feel completely content with myself. I dont know if I’m being overly emotional but I do feel anxious.

I’m trying to figure out what I am worried about. Is it purely growing old or is it growing old and having regrets. Maybe its both of them. I’m not exactly sure.

But I know that I can no longer be stagnant in any way.

Today starts a new year in my life — now that’s exciting. A new day to become a better me. My fears can only hinder me in this journey. So, I vow not to just live but to live in God’s purpose. Because he has my back.


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