Weight Gain Journey

So I have lost a whole lotta weight.  It’s not that much to me but I carry weight really well.  People always think I’m smaller than I weigh.  So after getting braces, I’ve controlled my mouth to hand syndrome.  LOL!  I dont eat a lot because eating can be a hassle most days.

But I’ve recently decided to get on a weight gain journey because as my people say “you’re disappearing . . .”

Exaggeration, I think but everyone comments about my size ALL of the time.

Too much, if I can so say myself.

I must admit when I look in the mirror I see a thick girl and that’s why I can sympathize with those who suffer from anorexia and bulimia.  When I look in the mirror I see a thick girl looking back.  Now looking at myself doesn’t make me want to take extreme measures to trim down, I actually think I look good.  And I understand people who suffer from eating disorders because I know our minds can play tricks on us because my mind has.

I am on this weight gain journey for myself.  My biggest issue is my clothes.  I don’t wear jeans or pants because they swallow me.  I haven’t worn pants in a hot minute.

My size 2 jeans don’t fit.

My size 0 shorts are too big.

I mean it’s quite ridiculous.  The only clothes that fit are my dresses.  So it’s getting to be a problem to be so small.

I am healthy – thank God for that!

But I need to fit my clothes.

So I’m stuffing my face.  🙂

I’ll be hitting the gym come the 1st of July so I need to come up with a plan as I want to tone and gain 10 pounds.


One thought on “Weight Gain Journey

  1. Honestly, I think West Indians ALWAYS feel the need to say something about your weight when they are in your presence. lol. Especially the older generation. I know my family does. Good luck on your weight gain journey 🙂

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