Budget Update

So I overdrafted.  Well technically but not for real. Because I have overdraft protection on my account, My account takes money from another account and deposits it into the account with no money before I am charged with an overdraft fee.  But the bank does charge me a protection fee.  Much cheaper than an overdraft fee.

But I was still pissed because I didn’t know how I didn’t have enough money — and that’s a big PROBLEM!

I need to manage my money way better.  I mean, I thought I had more than enough but obviously I was sadly mistaken.

I have the bank app on my phone, so I need to make better use of it.

So I’ve accrued a big amount of credit card debt as I have spent outrageous in August but I just cleared my debt.  So now, I am better able to get a better view of my saving habits.  I have 2 recurring payments charged to my credit card, they are for my braces and for my gym membership.  As I told you all my gym membership will be cancelled in the New Year so that change can go towards my savings.  I haven’t had a real itch to spend.  I went to CVS yesterday and walked straight to the Pharmacy – now a sistah did peek at the cosmetics section but I never stopped to see and touch.  I did purchase some skittles cause I had a really bad sweet craving but nothing else.

This week I allocated myself $20.  I spent $8 on lunch $2 on a bag of skittles.  I have $10 left and tomorrow is Friday.  My goal is never to spend it all within the week.  If I can save some of the money, that’s great but if I spend it all, I’m not tripping about it either.

The $20 is my lunch money.  Now weekends are different.  I will allocate an amount to spend for an outing.  If it’s dinner and a movie or Water Rapids, I will make accommodations if I really want to go.  Now I aint trying to allocate money every weekend — Hecka No!  But I wont turn down an event simply because it costs.  Once I curb my shopping, I’m good.  I’ll save more and in essence I’ll have money to have fun with.  My problem was shopping all of the time and having fun all of the time.  That began to be a bit expensive and that’s how I got here.

DISCLAIMER:  I am far from cheap.  I love nice things.  I love traveling and swiping my card on vacations without a care.  I still plan to do that . . . just not as frequently.  I am saving now to be able to enjoy my money in the future.

So this week went okay despite my semi overdraft issue.  I’m still on track and I don’t plan to fall off.


2 thoughts on “Budget Update

  1. LOL! I feel like you and I are the same when it comes to some things. I like nice things too…not on purpose…it just so happens that what I’m attracted to ends up being on the expensive end. I won’t apologize for it but I can’t let it rob me of my money either. Lol! That’s the part I’m still working on. Now on the other hand, I have a twin sister who is cheaper than cheap. She don’t let no kinda money slip by unnoticed. It can be frustrating at times but I’m learning to use her frugality as a gage to help me with indulging in my expensive tastes. And posts like these are helpful and serve as a reminder to stay on track. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your response. One of my sisters is the same way as your twin. It’s hard but I’m getting better. Im trying to make it a habit to be more conscious about what I purchase. I just cleaned up my room and reorganized my closet. I went through each item and was like I wear this, I don’t wear that. And can I tell you at least half of the stuff I don’t really wear nor do I really care for. So I’m just trying to make better decisions which takes breaking old engrained habits. Thanks for reading and responding.

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