Clean up your diet in 5 Weeks!


Franchesca is the bomb.com. Check her out!


4 thoughts on “Clean up your diet in 5 Weeks!

  1. Lol! The captions are cute! I started eating healthy about 3 weeks ago and I can tell there is a big difference in my cognitive ability and the overall feeling of my body. I have no problem giving up everything listed in the post except for the white rice. lol! I had some corn beef and cabbage last week and I just could not do it with brown rice. It will either have to be white rice or no rice. lol! Great post 🙂

    1. Aren’t they!

      Girl tell me about white rice. But my momma makes the bomb diggity brown rice. when i eat rice i try to eat a small amount, although I am not always successful 🙂

      Girl, I need a good recipe for cabbage cause Jamaicans gets down with the cabbage. LOL!

      Thanks for reading!

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