Plank and Green October

I successfully complete Week 1!  Yay!

I love smoothies.  My smoothies are never green as I put a lot of fruit in it.  My smoothies taste good. 🙂

The hardest part was planking.

::reads the flier closely::

Oh shoot, you know why it was hard?!?!?! 

Because I added 30 seconds per day not 5!!

I was like these women are trying to kill me.  Do you know I planked for 4 minutes today!!!! LOL!

Planking strengthens all parts of your body – a complete workout within a minute. 

My stomach muscles, shoulders, and legs ache.  I can’t even be mad because I should be exercising and pushing my body to the limits.

I’m going to push my body more this week.  I will be heading to the gym tomorrow morning.

I am also going to start my pole fitness classes this week, so ya’ll look out for that . . . 

If you are doing this challenge, how is it going for you?


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