Wake Up and Write!

Have your dreams ever awaken you?

I’m not talking about fictional stories in your head although those awaken me too.  

I’m talking about dreams . . . 

Those things you aspire to be. Those things that consume you to no avail.  That thing that keeps you awake at night.  Those things that demand your attention at that very moment.

For me, my dreams are always about my job.  I am always restless the night before trial and those nights during trial.  

If it’s before trial, I promise you I am perfecting my jury selection, I am going over my opening.  if it’s during trial I am come up with questions for cross and I bring my closing together.  

And it’s always something novel that comes to me. ALWAYS!

I’m not sure how long I’m dreaming about it but at some point I tell myself, “that’s some good stuff!” and then I wake up and record it.  And once I start recording those things that I got from my dream, I spew out more things.  One novel thought leads to several more.  Sometimes I am up for hours coming up with my case.  I never feel prepared until my trial is done.  So I am constantly adding, taking away.  I perfect my craft in my sleep.  It consumes me.

The State Attorney thinks he intimidates me.  I let him think he does.  But he know that I am a beast.  I eat and sleep this thing.  Secretly, he’s afraid of me because he knows I fight until the very end.  

My dream is to the best attorney in my field and I know that I can only be that with practice and preparation.  

It’s crazy how that mind works.  I’m in awe that in my silence I find everything I am looking for.  All of the questions are answered.  All of the answers are within me.  

I just need to listen . . . 



2 thoughts on “Wake Up and Write!

  1. Great post! I am the exact same way. I literally strategize life while I’m asleep. Many times, i’ve awaken and immediately reached for a pen and paper to jot down the many ideas that come pouring out of my sleep.

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