Daily Prompt: Gimme

Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it?

As a child I had lists and lists of things that I wanted for Christmas. My sisters and even left Jolly Santa some milk and cookies. And we had a chimney and I could have sworn he came down one night. But to my dismay no toys were left for me.

Q: Did I receive everything on my list?
A: Hell No! I didnt receive any of it.

Let me explain . . .

We believe in the story of Christmas but our family never really decorated our house, or a tree for that matter. And we didnt exchange gifts. So when school was back in session and all the little boys and girls would boost about all the new toys they received – I would too. Of course, I would tell the biggest fib ever but this little girl wanted to fit in. I would talk about my new pink bike and my new barbie and I would make the best stories up. But when I went home no bike or barbie awaited me. My sisters awaited me and we had the best time ever with the little that we had.

When I start my family I will definitely celebrate Christmas. I think it’s a cool concept to exchange gifts with people you love. I think that it’s definietly a privilege to do so. But my children will know that Christmas is not about #gimme #gimme #gimme. It’s really about what God gave us, his only begotten son Jesus the Christ.

Merry CHRISTmas!


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