Happy New Year

I am a vegetarian. Yep i officially started my journey today. I had a green smoothie and some Haitian bread for breakfast and fish and brown rice for dinner. I put a whole fish on the grill and can you believe I had a bone lodged in my throat. Thank God some bread dislodged it. Man!! I guess my fish will be filleted from here on out. I’m just saying.

This vegetarian lifestyle isn’t so bad after all. The only addition I need to make is more green vegetables in my meal. I want to reach for a goal of 80% green on my plate.

I spent New Year’s at church then we chilled at a friends house. I had 2 glasses of wine and was knocked out for a minute. I got back up to engage in discussion. Do you know I got back home at 8:30 in the morning?!?! It was a long celebration. Lol!

Once I got home i went to bed for a few hours then chilled around the house. I didn’t have any soup joumou (Haitian pumpkin soup – we eat this every New Year) because it had pork and beef in it. Well really because my mom didn’t make any. Someone brought some to my house and heard it wasn’t all that. My mom’s cooking is he bomb.com and I can’t settle for anything less.

Tomorrow I’m back to work. 😞 Sooo not ready to return but if I must go then I’ll go. There is great news however. My arch nemesis has moved to another division so I don’t have to deal with him anymore!! That is the best Christmas gift anyone could ever given me (besides the birth of our Christ). Can you say pest!!!!! So glad that that chapter is closed. I’m praying that the next person isn’t worse.

I haven’t retwisted my hair in a minute. I’ve been wrapping it up. I wanted to go back to work with a fresh retwist but it didn’t happen. I’ll shoot for next week. I’ll do something to mask all this new growth.

Happy New Year to you all. Talk to you very soon.



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Finally! A lot of my friends on Facebook keep talking about soup joumou and I’m like dang what is in this soup that has everybody so hyped?! lol! And then I come and read your post and I’m like FINALLY! I know what it is now. So thanks for that cause I was too lazy to Google it. lol! Congrats on your new vegetarian lifestyle change! If you come across any new and interesting meal ideas please share!

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