Hair Did!

Man, when I gets my hurr done nobody can’t tell me nothin.

My sister twisted me up after work. I bribed her. Well I’m paying her. Money motivates people to work a little harder. Lol!

She hooked me up!

I’m not a big style person. I usually wear my hair straight. When my locs were shorter I felt like I could do more to them. Well maybe I did more to them because I wasn’t too comfortable with them. Things have definitely changed. I’m very comfortable with my hair so I jut let it do what it does. It’s been a while since I’ve retwisted maybe 2 months. I want to retwist more often but I hate doing it myself. My hair is so thick and they are getting heavy. You gotta wash it – the worst part, then retwist, then sleep with those horrible pins.

My sister said I had breakage on a loc in the middle of my hair. I know it’s not because I’m putting too much stress on my hair. I actually think it’s because I’m not keeping my hair moisturized. I need to hydrate and moisturize more. If I wash I must retwist because my hair mattes when I just wash. Surprisingly my hair didn’t matte much after this long period of not retwisting.

I’m not about those natural hair salon prices. I am not about that life!!! I need someone who can do it for the low low.

As my loc journey progresses I’m thinking about how long I’m going to stay on this road. Can I tell you that I’ve been very close to cutting them off. I have asked several people’s opinion on the matter and no one has told me what to do except my Dad. He said that he loved them and that they were beautiful but to do what I wanted. His comments made me reconsider and give myself another 6 months to revisit the issue.

Furthermore I think I should go all out with my locs before I say bye. I mean my hair is still virgin. I should color it and cut it into a cute bob before I let them go. Yep! That’s what I’m going to do. I need to spice them up a bit. I don’t know when but I promise to spice it up before I cut just to make sure I’m not being impulsive because impulsive is my middle name.



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