Today Was A Long Day

My Judge got on  my last nerve today! He had me rolling my eyes and talking back.  I’m getting fed up with him.  I was so close to getting so hood with him.  He tried to blame my client’s heart condition on me.  And I was not having that.  I just wanted him to call my client so that he could go home and get his mediciation.  He allowed me to call my client out of turn but hurried my client up to the podium.  I was like, “Judge he has a heart condition he’s coming but it’s going to take a minute.” It went downhill from there.  He tried to read me.  But I read, wrote and revised him.  LOL!

Then my client’s wife got me in the middle of family business.  She wanted me to have my client give her sister, her car keys back.  They said that my client stole the car and that the sister was going to press charges.  I’m like I am just his attorney on this open active case.  I don’t represent him on anything else.  Boy they were cussing at each other.  It was too  much.  I just let them be and went back to handle my issue. 

I hate inconsiderate people.  My Judge stopped the docket to handle a 4 hour final violation of probation hearing.  So my clients had to wait until he finished with the hearing.  I was steaming.  Yes, these people are accused to committing a crime but they work, they have families and other responsibilites to take care of.  It’s exteremtly inconsiderate to just have them sitting through a 4 hour hearing.  But it’s his (Judge) world.  We are merely actors.

I finally got through my docket at 6:30 pm.  #rollseyes

And I missed lunch! #rollseyes

Oh yeah, the defendant was sentenced to 10 years in prison.  😦

Did I say, today was a long day . . .



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