Vegetarian Update

I’ve been a bit lazy. I know I said that I would post everyday but that has not happened.

I traveled to Chicago last weekend and didn’t post at all.

Chicago is always fun, I guess it’s like my second home since I am there frequently.

I have not broken my vegetarian lifestyle change.  And I must give props to my dude. And he decided to tag along with me on this journey.  Although he has slipped and eaten a meat dish he kept me strong and focused while in Chicago.  You really need others support during major transitions in your life.  I mean without him I would have been back to meat eating.  I mean the temptation of Harold’s is crazy.  Whenever I go to Chicago I get my chicken with mild sauce at Harold’s.  But last week was very different.  And I survived.  I may make some changes in my diet. I haven’t really made a firm decision but I may go back to meat.  I know . . . I know . . . if I decide to do so it will be limited to like 2/3 a week.  Greens will still be a huge part of my diet but dammit I’m missing chicken right now! Again nothing has been set in stone as many days I’m fine without consuming meat.  I’m not dreaming about it and it’s not the first thing I think about in the morning.  The biggest temptation was in Chicago and I think it’s because my boy and I have a set routine whenever I am in town.  We have favorite restaurants where we always get a meat dish.

Also I am getting tired of fish.  I made some vegetarian tacos and the soy protein is the bomb.  I just need more vegetable recipes.  I’m letting go of fish for a bit as to not disgust myself because I’m consuming so much of it.  But right now, my goal is to finish January.  I think it’s best to set a small goal and work it from there.  At the end of January I will make the decision about whether I continue this journey or modify it.


4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Update

    1. My groupon ended for my CrossFit. And I’m no longer vegetarian. I’m thinking about my next exercise plan now. Maybe kickboxing or swimming. CrossFit is great but I don’t want to pay the full price ($120+ per month) for the services. I learned a lot though so I will definitely incorporate it into my exercise regimen. I eat meat now but I do detox a week every other month or so. Adding near back into my diet has me feeling more sluggish than when I was vegetarian. So I definitely need to take breaks from meat. Maybe when I live by myself and control what comes in and out my house I will be more successful at my attempt or maybe not. But I plan to take another jab at it in the future. Te crazy thing however is that I’m not a big fish person anymore because it reminds me of meat. O_o. I would in a heartbeat chose fish over meat but the 3 months where I consumed a lot of fish has killed my fish cravings. Weird. I know.

      1. My niece managed to lose weight because she is on her own. I am going to by this latest crossfit groupon myself and go with an LG member. The summer months prove to be my peak when it comes to working out. Teaching exhausts me to the point I just wanna crawl in bed after the day. My energy level isn’t as high so I may have to cut back on something in my diet. Wish my body could just speak English to me.

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