January Down February Here I Come

Yesterday I started CrossFit. It’s a lot of weight lifting. Scary. But it’s going to be a great challenge. I’m just not trying to get all weight lifty like. I want more toned arms and legs and a round firm booty. Oh yea, I can’t forget about those abs.

I am still not eating meat. I guess you can call me a pescadairian. I eat fish and I still dabble in dairy. I have cheese, ice cream and occasionally eggs. I still have a lot of bad habits that I have to kick.

On Monday February 18 my church starts the Daniel fast. Looking forward to this because its going to make my diet more strict – which I need. But more importantly it’s going to strengthen my spiritual walk with Christ – which I need.

Discipline. Once I become more disciplined the rest is a wrap. But with discipline I can’t do what I want to do. I need to submit. But in the end it will be worth it.

How are your physical/spiritual goals coming along?


2 thoughts on “January Down February Here I Come

  1. Hey sweet pea how are you? Gurl did I hear the word” Discipline” whewww ifin I had more than an ounce of that I could change the world hahahaha! But since the move here in your neck of the woods been trying to get back to my regular regimen of working out and eating right. Now for the cheese I do tofu cheese and egg whites instead of regular eggs and in the ice cream department I do coconut non-dairy or tofruitti non-dairy ice cream. But see my problem is I “BAKE” yes all the so-called non-dairy vegan treats yessss guilty as charged! I bake fruit cobblers and top them with the non-dairy ice dream and then I make vegan pizza and sneak the midnight snack of vegan cookies and pizza. There goes that days work out down the tubes! I am trying to get better with the eating so late at night but with the move un-packing getting acclimated to a regular routine is hard. Found another youtuber here and her and I are going to meet up on the weekends to work out always helps to have a buddy in this get healthy plan! 😉

    1. hey! I’m well. I hope you are too. I’ve never heard of tofu cheese I need to look that up. Egg Whites – girl i’m not supposed to have any type of egg (white or yolk) extremely allergic to both and milk. I need to see if their is a egg substitute. I am also going to check out some of these ice cream substitutes. Girl you are saving me!!! I need these recipes. Vegan pizza, Cookies, fruit cobblers!!! I appreciate this. I need to spice up my diet. Do you know of great recipes? Where can I find them. You got me all hungry now! Thanks so much.

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