My job is starting to take a toll on me. On Friday, I was brought to tears like snot mixed with tears crying! 

Am I just getting to sensitive or is it really that bad for black young men?

I mean we can’t win for anything.  It’s so damn depressing to see black men shipped to prison.  

On Friday this young man pled out to 3 years in Florida State Prison. He was charged with vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident.  Is he guilty? Yes.  But is he a bad person? No.  I totally understand that people need to be punished but damn ya’ll!! He asked the Judge for a day to tell his son that he’ll be away.  The Judge denied it and this young man sobbed!  That broke my heart to pieces.  

I’m a very realistic person.  I know that there are horrible people in this world that need to be buried underneath the jails but then there are people who just make mistakes.  This young man was involved in an accident and he did what I think 80% of people would do he ran.  He was scared.  Unfortunately someone lost their life during the accident and that’s sad.  

In the end there are consequences for every action – good and bad. My hope is that this young man deals with his demons while incarcerated and leave the system and become a better father for his son. 


One thought on “Draining

  1. Reminds me of the other man who now leaves behind daughters to head to prison for the same thing. Judge said he wanted this to be a lesson to others. Good thing you can still cry. The day you stop crying is the day you need to get out.

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