I pride myself in growth but I’ve learned that with growth comes new challenges, challenges that only make you better.  I remember the day I learned that I was promoted at my job.  I was very excited but extremely scared. I started to think about the new challenges I would face and “what if I messed up? what if I didn’t know the answer?”  I quickly scared myself and thought maybe I should stay in the lower position for a bit longer.   I calmed my fears by remembering that I had to go through those challenges to grow, to become a better attorney.  I knew that I would make a lot of mistakes and I was bound to embarrass myself by doing something obviously stupid – which I did and continue to do, but I told myself, “It is all a part of the process.”  Now I think about everything as being “an experience.”  Everything that I do is helping to shape me into the person that I want to be.  I’m learning that you never stop growing.  There is not a  moment in our life when we can’t grow (now you can stunt your growth by not learning and applying from life’s lesson but I don’t believe that a person is not able to ever grow).  The only time we are not able to ever grow is when we are dead.  

So there is hope for each one of us! It’s beautiful to know that everyday is a new beginning. Literally, every morning you are blessed to wake up, you should wake up with a new perspective,  a new outlook on life.  You should wake up excited about the lessons the day will bring.  On Facebook, I’ve seen some people’s status reflect things that they have learned that day.  And it’s a great exercise.  You will/should never have a day where you didn’t experience something that pushes you an inch or a leap closer to becoming the best you.

Many days I wake up and ::roll my eyes:: at the day.  Some days I cringe at tomorrow – because I’m like, “I know it’s going to be a crazy day.”  But I have to rebuke those thoughts and affirm that my day is going to be smooth and great.  And I can’t tell you how my mindset truly determines how my day goes.  Yes, it’s bound to get hectic but once I change my perspective and work out a way to attack the day instead of dismissing it (and not wanting to deal with it because I am just annoyed), my day runs smooth.

In closing, here are a few tips to help you experience life and grow into the best you.

  •  Each day, wake up excited to experience the day because there will never be one like it ever again.
  • You are bound to discover gems, hidden and in plain view.  Read in between the lines! Reflect about your day in a journal, on a FB status or with a friend over the phone.
  • Use every moment as a teachable one.  Try not to take things personal, humble yourself and watch how the Universe rewards you.




2 thoughts on “Maturity

  1. Girl this post was giving me all kinds of life! I usually have a positive outlook for each day but lately I have been in a rut, and letting the monotony of the days get to me. I knew what I had to do to change that but I was just having a hard time doing it. And then came this post 🙂 Now I feel refreshed and have the energy to get up and get out and be positive! Thanks for sharing lady!

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