New Years Resolution: Quarterly Update

1: Vegetarian

I broke my vegetarian lifestyle.  I slipped up and had some bomb Jamaican jerk chicken in the Chi and I have not turned back since.  I did taste a piece of pork and it doesn’t really tickle my fancy anymore.  I mean I’m not saying I’m through with pork (and other meats) but I will run to chicken before anything else.  Also, I have gotten a bit disgusted with fish.  Maybe because I ate it almost everyday.  Currently, I am laying low on the fish to rebuild my fish craving.  I eat a lot of soy protein.  I love Boca Burgers.  Yummy.  I tried the breakfast sausage and I nearly gagged.  I need to figure out what to do with them, cause I can not bring myself to eat it.  #yucky

2: Working Out

I hate vacations because I’m lazy during vacations and then when I come back from vacation I need to adjust to the real world – and that takes times to get back into the swing of things (at least for me it does). I missed like a week and a half of CrossFit so that means I need to go hard next week. And I will. I’m doing squats every night.  I started at 50 and I add 5 each day. I want to see what my bum looks like by May 1.  My CrossFit Groupon expires on May 11 so I’ve promised myself that I will be back in class by or before April 11 to get a solid month of CrossFit to see the results.  For the month and change I’ve been there I have seen great results.  On May 11, I have to make the choice to stay with CrossFit or do something else (I’m leaning on the decision to stay and dish out that ridiculously expensive membership fee).

3: Read a Book a Month

In March, I didn’t complete a book.  I read a chapter of a book but I didn’t finish.  So I need to make sure that I read something in April.

Resolutions can be modified/changed/deleted.  I’m proud that I stuck with my vegetarian lifestyle for 3 months.  It’s something that I will go back to throughout the year because I know the difference it makes in my physical being.  I’ve already made up my mind about CrossFit so I’m getting back on that horse.  And I will be grabbing a book to get my monthly dose of reading this month.

Added Resolution:

1: Get a new job – We’ll talk about this later . . .


4 thoughts on “New Years Resolution: Quarterly Update

  1. LOL@ the Jerk chicken! I think there is a rule out there somewhere that says that all vegetarians are allowed to suspend their diet when around Jamaican (or any caribbean island) cuisine. LOL! Shoot! During the year and half I was a vegetarian, my family and I went on vacation to Jamaica and I was killin that jerk chicken! Every time my sister or my mom wanted to come out the mouth about me being a vegetarian I just gave them a look like they should know better, I don’t pass up good food…vegetarian or not! LOL! Too much fish is what did it for me too. Be careful with that because of the mercury you could be taking in in eating so much fish. Someone had mentioned to me too that too much soy can mess with your estrogen levels….I’m not sure how accurate that is but just thought I’d share. I’m gonna have to look up this CrossFit thing because I hear everyone talking about it.

    1. Thank you. I forgot about mercury and fish. I’m on a fish hiatus as of now. But damn those soy burgers they are so good. But I’ll lay low on them too. Yea, I’ve got to do what’s best for me and I get those crazy looks too but who can pass up good jerk chicken?!?!?!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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