The Itch

It’s coming back . . .

Literally — I have a few spots of ezcema popping up (the itch).  I have been indulging in too much chicken lately.  A part of me don’t buy me being allergic to chicken (like I’m black — it’s a huge oxymoron LOL!) but my body is telling me to wake the heck up and see the patches — LOL!!!

Next week, I’m doing another 5 day detox – Done!

Figuratively — I am starting to have a desire to want to write more (the itch).  Today I read a few blog posts and it really inspired me to pop in and say hey, “Hey!”

  • I will be hitting up this blog more often in June.  Tomorrow is the last day in May and anxiety is hitting me big time.  Saturday, will begin the countdown to 30.  Well the countdown to 30 actually started on January 1st but it’s becoming way more real the closer I get.  This year has flown.  I think it’s moving so fast, because I’m turning 30.  Like really 2013 – you gonna do me like that?!?!  I’m hoping the Universe is in a rush because she can’t wait to show me the great things she has in store for me :).
  • I am expecting great things! As scared as I am As anxious as I am As scared as I am! I must admit while walking into the unknown is a bit frightening, I feel a bit free.

Figuratively — I feel a bit adventurous (the itch) – I’m trying not to be stupid and just make rash decisions but I feel like taking a huge leap of faith.  I’m not sure yet – but I will be in deep prayer for clarity.



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