I’m Officially 30

I’m the BIG 3-0!

I celebrated my birthday in Kenya, East Africa.  The experience was amazing! I am so glad that I committed to going to Kenya to bring in the BIG 3-0.

The crazy thing about it was that my birthday came and left.  I didn’t have a party, I didn’t do dinner – I was on a safari celebrating my birthday!

The fresh air, the green grass, the wild animals walking right beside our vehicle was incredible.  Celebrating my birthday on the safari was so low key but so memorable.   Best birthday to date!

My sisters and I would get so giddy when we spotted an animal in the far distance.  The smiles on our faces bright as the Sun.  Eyes wide with excitement.   We had arrived.  We were truly in Africa.

I took a lot of photos but the memories etched in my mind will forever outlast those in my Nikkon.  You see those images hold a special part of me – it almost feels like my little secret that I will keep with me forever and forever.  They belong only to me.

I learned a lot about myself.  How much I have grown and how much more I need to grow.  And I am so thankful to have gone to Africa to celebrate life!



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