The Struggle

The rain came down hard this morning. Last night I went out for drinks. When I came home, I crashed. I woke up pretty early this morning and just laid in my bed. Hearing the rain against my windows and the warmth of my comforter convinced me to cancel all plans and stay in. But a word hung over my head.


Earlier this week I registered with my local alum group to serve food at the Miami Rescue Mission. The initial email as well as the registration page said that if you signed up you should go as the organization would be counting on us to help. And I nodded my head in approval and signed up.

Can I tell you that line forced me out of bed and into the shower. The word commitment made me pull out my umbrella and jump into my car. Knowing that people were relying on me made me hop out the car in downtown Miami and ask homeless people for directions.

I arrived 10 minutes late but I made it. And after serving 100 men fruit salad, hot dogs, chili, potato chips and soda I left feeling very grateful and humbled. I realized that this program is the same program I send my clients if they have no where else to go. I was very connected to the men as these are the people I serve daily. This was just an extension of my everyday work.

I caught myself praying for each man – that they would hear His voice and be led by Him, that they would find their way and take their position in society and in their families. Teenage boys, elderly men, Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, Whites – every man was represented and I prayed that God would bless them all.

As I drove home it poured harder and I could not help but think that within minutes the Son would shine again because it never rains forever.

The Son is out!

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