It’s The Weekend Baby!

This was quite an eventful weekend.

Saturday morning I served at a soup kitchen.

Later that evening I got dressed and headed out to a party boat from 10 pm until 4 am. It was fun, but boy were we ready to go at 4 am. Everyone on the boat was lined up and ready to get off the boat but they didn’t get the clearance until 4:30. #rollseyes

But me and my girls were looking all kinds of tasty that evening.




I got home around 5 am and my undergrad after-partying cleaning OCD kicked in. I couldn’t immediately go to sleep I had to clean up. In undergrad whenever I would come home from a party I would get this urge to start cleaning. LOL!

I finally got to bed and I don’t know how it happened but I got up on time for 10:30 church service. And thank God I did. I mean I loved the worship and the word but I also got a gift.

The Back story: So, last week Sunday, I asked a member of my small group for a Heat hat (as she works for the organization and I am going to my first Miami Heat game in December) and would you know she actually brought me one and a bag!!! Shut the front door! LOL! I was elated when my sister tapped me on the shoulder with my gift.


In my mind I already have my outfit laid out for the Heat game. I know what lipstick I’m wearing and all. I’m going to be looking real cute wayyyyy up top! LOL!

After church my sister and I came home for an hour and then we headed out to the Miami International Book Fair. We were accompanied by our niece and our friend’s sons. It was pretty cool. We forgot that the Book Fair now has admission fees #rollseyes but we sucked it up and enjoyed our time there. We had the children listen to a Haitian storyteller and we got free books for the children. She passed out numbers to the children and at the end of her stories she picked some numbers. Our children’s numbers were not called so we went up there and told her in Creole, to give the Haitian children some books. LOL! And you know she did!



When I got back home I was dead to the bed. I went to sleep so early. Monday rolled by and I had to go to work. I was so happy because it was cool enough to wear one of my sweaters. After playing with some outfits (yes, sometimes I create outfits during my free time) I liked this sweater blazer combo so I decided to wear it to work. I looked all professional and stuff with my high bun, red lips and gold accent jewelry. Oh it just came to me! My sweater, blazer and necklace are all thrifted! Yay to thrifting!


Today, I did jail visits all day from 9:30 until 3:00. I saw 26 people in custody. I’m not sure if you all understand the energy it takes to talk to people (26 people at that) about their cases and what they are facing. And for them to unload their frustrations, their problems, their family’s problems, their demons, their past, their hope on you. It’s very draining but that’s for another post. Anyways, I still have one more jail to visit with about 7 people but today, I could not take another jail visit. I’m praying to do that tomorrow but the way my body is set up . . .

**I think I like this post setup. I am going to document my weekend activities on this blog whenever I have an eventful weekend. LOL! This weekend I will be cruising the seas and next weekend I will be out-of-town. So I will document my travels on this blog. I also have some exciting things coming up so I will keep you all informed. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend Baby!

  1. Love this post set up it looks like you had a great weekend…I feel you on “the way my body is set up” lol sometime people don’t realize that when others are pouring themselves out to you and you’re literally receiving it and draining yourself! You can find this in the scriptures with Jesus. He often went off alone to pray and “replenish” what he had given out to the people. Anyways I talk (type) too much lol Have a great Holiday!

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