Tis the Season to be Thankful

In a few hours Thanksgiving will be among us.  Yay!!! Tomorrow our families will get together and we will commune and catch up.  And then with a wink of the eye the day after Thanksgiving will be here.

Is Thanksgiving really a one day thing we call a “holiday”? Or should we celebrate it everyday?

I think the holiday is nothing but a reminder that the year is ending and you are still here. Despite whatever issues you are going through you are alive and standing.  Thanksgiving reminds us to be thankful.  It forces you to slow down with the business of life and count your blessings.  All of the mornings when we got up and didn’t even acknowledge His presence or spend time with Him – Thanksgiving makes up for those times and puts things in perspective as we move forward in a new year.

Thanksgiving forces us to stop and REFLECT . . .

I wish I could find the words to express how thankful I am for life, health, sound mind, my family and friends, my job and all those things that allow me to live a fulfilled life – but I can’t.  

Many times I am selfish and ungrateful and I act certain ways or say things that hurt people.  And I know that I am not worthy to even be so blessed but He keeps blessing me anyways.   

I’ve been hurt and disappointed by people but in Him I found perfect love so I say, “Thank You Father for showing me true love.”

I have been unemployed many times in my life but I have never been broke! I have never over drafted, never missed a car payment or  never late with paying rent .  Thank You Father!

My brother should have been dead, my father should have been dead but He kept them so I say. “Thank You Father.”  

I wish my heart could spew all the love and admiration I have for God on this blog post but it’s unnecessary, because He knows how much I admire, adore and love Him because He knows my heart.

What are you thankful for?

**Everyday you wake up it is the season to be thankful.  Starting tomorrow I am going to write down a few things I am thankful for.


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