Mid Day Update

Yesterday I tweeted that I was excited because I am starting to take note of those things that I am NOT passionate about. And this strategy is going to help me determine those things that I am passionate about.  I always have my hand in all sorts of places – and I am learning that just because I am good at it doesn’t mean that I enjoy it or that I should take the lead on it.  I am in the process of working solely on those things that I love.  I want to dedicate my talents and time to what I love.  And it’s hard trying to shift through every thing and picking just a few but it needs to be done.  

I interviewed yesterday for a leadership program in Miami.  I thought the interview went well and I think that I would benefit from being in such a program.  I am hoping for the best and I will let you know what happens as soon as I get word.  

I am also applying for another job.  I really want this job – I think it’s going to move me to a new head space in life.  I think it’s a change much needed.  I will still be an attorney but a different area in law and possible a new city.  #Exciting  I had a preliminary interview this morning.  It went well.  The next step is forwarding my information to the different branches and hoping that they would want to interview me. I will let you know how that goes.  

Pray for me. 


One thought on “Mid Day Update

  1. Now I see why people stay mad with me. If I don’t read about you I would be clueless. Happy and sad about your interview at the same time. I know I don’t say it much but I admire you a lot. Can’t say that about too many younger women these days but you’re up there on my “when I grow up list”.

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