It’s The Weekend Baby (November 29 – December 1)

The Friday after Thanksgiving, two of my sisters and a friend set sail on Royal Caribbean.  Thanksgiving was great! We ate, took a Thanksgiving nap and chilled out.  Friday morning my sisters and I woke up and went to get our nails done.  After the recent robbery turned homicide at a nail salon in Miami, we knew that all we were going to bring were our money and no bags or any valuables.  So we went to the nail salon and inquired about the difference between gel and acrylic and whether I could get stiletto nails and then cut them down if I didn’t like them (turns out you can’t LOL!).  We hadn’t gotten tips in over 5 years so this was pretty new information.  I ended up getting gel nails.  Very short and square.  My other sister got acrylic nails.  And we all got pedicures.  The guy who did mine did an excellent job! I was in the giving spirit so I tipped them higher than usual and then we headed to Xiomara to get our eyebrows done.

I have not had my eyebrows arched for almost a year because they weren’t growing like they use to.  I made sure to ask Xiomara to keep them thick as possible and she did a great job giving me an arch while keeping my brows in tact.

We needed to be on the boat by 4pm.  And by this time it was 1:30.  We stopped at Payless because my sister wanted to purchase some sandals and then we headed home.

I had an idea of what I wanted to pack but I wasn’t really packed as packing is an event for me.  I have to try everything on – clothes, accessories and shoes.  I need to see how it all looks together before I pack it.

We got home heated some leftovers in the oven and headed to shower and pack.

Earlier my sister said all we needed was our state issued id.  I was a little skeptical of that but I accepted the information as true.

My dad arrived to drop us off and we were in the car leaving around 3:30.  My car had zero gas so we had to stop and get gas. When I got back in the car my sister said we needed to go back home because we needed our passport.  So we raced back home to get them.  Got the passports then I sped to the Port of Miami.

We finally got to the port and ran to check in.  Our friend was already on the ship scared that the boat would leave us.  We finally met her in the room and she was elated.

image (25)
Some outfits I only wear when I am out of town and people don’t know me. LOL! These booty shorts are one of those items. But they are cute!

Friday was the worst day on the ship.  At first it was cool.  We went by the pool and did some line dancing and ate some pizza.  Some time before dinner, I got mad seasick. I am that girl who pukes on rides at the fair, the girl who has to drive during traffic, the girl who sweats and gets nauseous during flights.  But day one on the ship was sooo bad for me.  I had to just plop myself on the floor because I could not walk.  I had to stick my head in trash cans as I felt puke coming up.  It was a bad time.  I heard that you couldn’t take motion sickness pills if you are going to consume alcohol.  I was like whatever either you suffer or you suffer so I decided to suffer with a buzz.  LOL. But I took the pill and had drinks and I was just fine.  Lies I tell you! Lies.

Friday night was bad ass well.  The ship was rocking like crazy.  The captain told us that it would be choppy.  The water so choppy my sister, Paranoid Patricia got up in the middle of the night and pulled out the life jackets and devised a plan as to how we were going to survive.  I heard her get up and asked her what she was doing and she said that she was saving our lives but I was half sleep.  In the morning I found this . . .

image (12)

Saturday we were supposed to take go to Coco Cay but the waves were to bad so in the abundance of caution the Captain cancelled those plans.  We would have had to use the tenders to get to Coco Cay.  Once I found that out I knew I would have to pop some pills before getting on any tender.  So it was another day on the ship for us.  It was cool.  We learned some line dances, went to magic show and did some drinking.  Saturday evening was also the formal dinner.  So we dressed up.

image (14)
Dress is from Nordstrom Rack.

image (15)

And because we skipped Coco Cay we arrived in Nassau around 5 pm.  After dinner we headed to the club.  It was cool, but we all left our money home so there was zero drinking.  But our buzz lasted a minute considering . . .

image (17)

Anyways, Sunday we went got off of the boat and explored Nassau.  The weather was great – sunny with a nice breeze.

image (24)
This picture does not show how hot this romper is. But it was purchased from UO in California this Summer.

image (20)

Well not really explore as we’ve been there before many times.  We knew what we wanted so we headed straight to the “Fish Fry” – our favorite place.

image (18)
Conch fritters and Bahama Mamas. They gave us free Bahama Mamas – well we got them to give us 2 free rounds. LOL! Yea Mon!

The Fish Fry is a must go if you are ever in Nassau.  It’s a strip of restaurants that serve great seafood. And we caught the Bus (No. 10) to get there.  It costs 1.25$ per person and it drops you off right in the front.  Much cheaper than getting a cab. Unfortunately, when my fish came out I didn’t even think to capture it’s #yumminess.  Sorry :/

Later I did Karaoke and sang a Beyoncé’ song? Which one do you think I sang?

image (19)

Then we went to the Grand Finale show, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”.  It was awesome!  Great performances! So much so that my sisters and I were Yeeeesssss-ing the entire time and the white old people were turning around like they had a problem with our way of appreciating the arts.  LOL!

image (21)

We called it quits around 1 am and went to bed.  Unfortunately, I had to go to work that Monday and I definitely paid for not taking that day off.  Anyways, we had a great time!

image (22)

image (23)
Even, Mr. Elephant enjoyed himself. BTW: This is an elephant made with a towel.

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