It’s The Weekend Baby (December 5 – December 8)

On Thursday I flew out to Chicago to visit a friend. I had a connecting flight in Atlanta which was a few minutes delayed so I got some pizza and chilled out. This was the first time in a long time that I actually flew out of Miami International instead of Ft. Lauderdale (FLL). I must admit I love FLL because they have free WiFi. Miami, Atlanta and Chicago (Midway) do not offer that service – which sucks.

Anyways I made it to Chicago in one piece. Oh yeah, while landing in Atlanta our plane did skid a little. And of course, I went to calling on the Savior. Y’all know I do not play with planes! I’m not afraid to fly it’s just I know I can’t really do much to prevent death in an airplane crash (well I guess I can’t prevent death in a host of scenarios but y’all know what I mean). Yea, it’s all about my control issue. LoL!

So I get to Chicago and get my rental car and head over to my friend’s place. We chill a minute since we want to watch the Bulls v. Heat game at 8:30 pm and I arrived like 6:30 pm.

I freshen up and get dressed to head over to my favorite Jamaican restaurant in Chicago – Mr. Brown’s. I only get one thing and that’s the jerk chicken meal. The food is amazing! The cabbage is the best cabbage I have ever had! The jerk chicken is fresh and the you get half of a chicken! The cost is about 18$ but you get chicken, cabbage, rice and plantains. #yummy I also ordered a pina colada which was alright.

Unfortunately, Miami lost! It’s hard to cheer for the other team – but you know I did. Some people were talking smack but I ignored it. Ya girl knows better than to engage but I definitely clapped and screamed for my home team.

On Friday, I had Harold’s chicken with salt and pepper, hot and mild sauce for lunch. #mouthwaters. I remember one trip to Chicago I ate Harold’s every day for lunch for about 5 days and I loved every minute of it. Around 4ish my friend called and wanted to chill so, she picked me up and we headed over to Kusanya Cafe. I ordered the only thing I order at coffee shops a and McDonalds, a caramel frappe. A small was 3.50$ a hefty sum for such a small amount but it was good!

Once I returned home I had my Jamaican leftovers for dinner and I watched Netflix.

Saturday, I attended a meetup hosted by Urban Girl Essentials (UGE) at Kusanya Cafe in Englewood. That was pretty cool, the hosts talked about health, beauty and fitness. It was an open forum so it was cool to learn from the other ladies. They had a raffle at the end but I didn’t win any of it. LOL!

I left around 1:30 pm and went back home. My friend was still in the process of moving so I literally chilled until 6:00 pm. We then went to Chicken and Waffles. I ordered chicken (white) with mac and cheese, collard greens and potato salad. The food is always pretty good. But that day, my chicken was room temperature and I love hot ‘out the pot’ food. So I had to send it back and they returned with the same temperature food. I wasn’t going to make a fuss so I just ate the room temperature chicken – no bueno. We left the restaurant and went to the movies to watch Thor. It was a great movie. I was never into sci-fi/fantasy movies but now I can’t stop watching these types of movies.

Later we headed to the Punch Room. It’s a pretty cool place. I had 3 glasses of punch (this is the time I wish I took a picture to let you know the name of the ones we tried). Uhm let’s just say I remember almost falling off of my seat, twerking in the street, and falling off the bed after sneezing. I remember the room was spinning and waking up with a tummy ache.

Sunday was my last day. We went to Gio’s East for deep dish pizza. #mouthwaters As many times as I have been to Chicago and even living in Chicago a summer I never had deep dish pizza in the city. #smh My sisters and I were watching Man v. Food and he featured Gio’s East so once my friend asked me whether I wanted Gio’s or Uno’s I chose Gio’s (as I was a regular of Uno’s deep dish during my time in Boston).

Oh yeah, it started to snow on Sunday. I didn’t know that it was really snowing until I went outside and saw that the snow was actually sticking.


So we went to Gio’s and ordered a Tuscan salad and a small meat lover’s deep dish pizza with giardiniera on half of the pizza. #mouthwaters The salad was so good. We got their house dressing instead of the fat-free one they listed with the salad. We ate salad while they cooked our pizza (each pan is made fresh it takes about 45 minutes to cook).

The pizza finally came and man was it good.


I could not eat it all so I got my second slice to go.

My friend was going to drive me to the airport and then catch the train back but I decided against that because I didn’t want to inconvenience him and have him freezing in the snow.

My flight was scheduled to leave at 5:55 pm so I left the house around 4. We thought that my flight would be delayed but after checking numerous times it was set to depart on time.

So I left and I stopped to fill up the tank. I knew that I had to drive at a slow speed because of the road conditions – and that’s what I did. Can I tell you that a light turned red and I could not stop! I was just sliding. I made a left under the red light because I could not stop and finally it stopped. I was determined to get to my destination so I continued on my way. My tires were spinning at least twice and I think it’s because the snow on the roads was slush. Anyways, I made it to my destination (car rental company) turned my car in and jumped on the shuttle to get to the airport.

The TSA line was so long. At Midway they have a line for Pre-TSA check in. I have never heard this before and I still don’t know what it is – rather how to get in the program (I know you can keep your shoes on and your laptop in your bag while going through TSA). All I know is that I asked the TSA guy if I could get in that line and he said, “try it”. I tried it and they let me through. #PraiseGod I got an orange placard and within 5 minutes I went through TSA.

I got me a sandwich from Potbelly #yumminess and walked to my gate.

I got to my gate and my flight was delayed until 8 pm. Mind you I had a connecting flight in Atlanta which I would not make. And my connecting flight was the last flight out to Miami. Luckily there was a 10:55 pm flight to Ft. Lauderdale, so I cancelled my other ticket and got on that flight instead. We finally arrived in Atlanta at 9:50 pm and of course the flight to Ft. Lauderdale was delayed until after midnight. I got into Ft. Lauderdale 2:30 in the morning. I got home and woke up for work. I had to leave from work early because I was dead tired.

Despite delays, almost losing my life and twerking in the street I had a great time in the Windy City. I love Chicago so I will be back but I need the sun not to be on vacation when I’m on vacation.



2 thoughts on “It’s The Weekend Baby (December 5 – December 8)

  1. Oh I love Chicago! They have another chicken and fish joint that I really liked I think it’s called JJ’s…A few years ago I spent the New Year there OMGoodness it was soooo cold after that I was like I’ll go back when the weather is warmer…I love that you live life and experience different things! Blessings

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