Being a Blogger is Hard Work

I would love to be a professional blogger (my 9-5).  Imagine waking up every morning, surfing the internet to read your favorite sites and writing about whatever you want.  In my head that’s what professional bloggers do every day but I know this is far from the truth.

Have you ever edited a video? Man! It’s a mess.  It is very time consuming! Making it just the right length, finding the perfect music, knowing when to put something in slow motion or to speed it up.

Have you ever done an OOTD (outfit of the day) post? Wake up in the early am for the best light, do your hair and makeup (just for the shoot) and style a couple of outfits.  And then you have to take the pictures and then edit them.

We must be careful what we wish for :/

I want to take my blog to the next level but I know that it requires a lot of work.  But I need to first start off by being consistent.  Which is hard to do with everything else I have going.

I was doing some research about blog platforms and which one best suits what I need.  I think WordPress is pretty good for personal blogs. I hate that you have to pay for decent templates and the whole thing with versus has me going in circles.

For a fashion blog (which I want to create, but man, the work to build it is crazy) I am leaning on blogger or tumblr.

I am learning that brands aren’t built over night.  They require time and money.  I have to be patient with my dreams.  In the end it’s all about seeing them through.


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