10 Things About Me

This list was pretty hard to create.  I hope you learn something new about me.

1.  I never imagined I would be single at 30. I really expected something very different.  #surprise

2.  I talk to myself . . . a lot.

3. I never showed my legs in high school because I had scars on them.  I would wear pants and long skirts all of the time. It really affected my self-esteem.  I guess I “grew out” of my scars because oddly enough my legs are my favorite part of my body.


4. I am deathly afraid of the dentist office. Blame it on childhood trauma.

5. I saw a wolf in a suburb in Atlanta. He was chilling near the entrance of the apartment complex. It was a wolf! I went to get my hair braided and the girl’s boyfriend told me he saw it before. #mymindwasNOTplayingtricksonme

6.  My house was burglarized when I was in elementary school.  It was at night and we were all home asleep. Let’s just say officers weren’t called immediately (hours later after the incident) and the thief was taken to the hospital. #knuckifyoubuck

7.  I learned how to drive the day I purchased my car. Daddy told me that I would have to drive it home (on the expressway). He thought I knew how to drive because I took driver’s ed and I had a license.

8.  I can kill a roach without blinking but a rat . . . #skincrawls

9.  Right now, I have an itch for a tapered fro and tattoos.


10. I am a student at heart.  I love learning. I google everything.  I put the captions on movies to see the spelling of words and then I look them up and screenshot them on my phone to save them.  Current fascination is the bible.  I lead a bible study so I prep for it a day in advance and I love every minute of it.


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