Oh The Places You’ll Go …

I love the idea of living in different cities.  Currently, I have an itch to move.  I’ve been back home since 2008 and I am itching to live somewhere else.  I must admit, I do not feel like I have really explored Miami.  Within these next 2 years I do plan to get to really know my city.  If I have nothing to tie me down to Miami I want to leave.  Where will I go?  I’m thinking the West Coast.  That means that I would have to sit for another bar.  Whatever, you only live once.

With moving on my mind, I decided to compile a list of cities I have lived in.  Take a look . . .

1. Miami, FL.  This is where I was born and where I currently reside.  It really is an absolutely beautiful city and it has it’s social ills like all major cities.  I don’t see myself here forever but I really don’t see myself anywhere forever.  I love the beautiful weather and the fact that you can truly be a big fish in a small pond.  There is a lot of space to create and grow.  You can really run the city if you want too.

2. Atlanta, GA.  I love ATL.  This is my second home, where I lived my best days.  If I have a family, I would really consider moving back.  But I’m not living in Lithonia (any suburb)! I will live in the city. The price is right in the A! Housing is affordable, salaries are competitive and there is always somewhere to go and someone to see.  I know everyone is always concerned about the gay population and the ability to date.  But I say, it’s hard to date everywhere!

3. St. Louis, MO.  It was cool experiencing the seasons change.  Although the winter’s were hard to bear, I enjoyed seeing the leaves change.  It’s a very divided city but people there are nice.  St. Louis was alright for the time I was there.

4. Cincinnati, OH aka The Nasty Nati. City of Pimps and Hoes – #iswear.  I went to a Pimp’s party #memoriessuppressed.  My introduction to gelato was in the Nasty Nati. I had the absolute best gelato  in Cincinnati.  Just amazing!! It was a small mom and pop’s business where they made the gelato in the back.  Everyday there would be different flavors and the paninis were awesome.

5. Fairfield, CT.  It is very expensive to live here.  I believe it has one of the highest property values in the nation.   The awesome thing was that I was soo close to NY.  I would visit my friends in Brooklyn all of the time.  Connecticut is a beautiful state nothing like the concrete jungle – greenery everywhere.

6. Chicago, IL. Very nice city.  Not as big and busy as New York but it’s well contained and has everything New York has. Summertime Chi is worth experiencing at least once in your life. Food is amazing and all the black people think they aren’t southern.  #butyopeoplefromMississippi #GreatMigration #comeonson


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