Who Are You Following?

New age technology has allowed everyone access to leadership.  Almost in every social network there is an opportunity for one to acquire “followers”.  I thought about this word yesterday as I asked my cousin, Lo to follow this blog.

I honestly hated being called a “follower”.  I would roll my eyes and say to myself, “I am not a follower, I am a leader!”

You must know how to follow to lead.

A biblical principle.  A lesson taught by Jesus to his disciples during the picturesque moment of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet.  Hours before his crucifixion, he humbly served the ones he loved.

Everyone hates the boss that can’t do your job but knows how to criticize everything you do.  Like you tryna tell me about trial techniques but you ain’t try a case in over a decade.  #sideeye Oops, it got a bit real. 

But Jesus does what he wants his disciples to do.  Jesus doesn’t just command us to live such a life – he shows us.

There is nothing wrong with being a follower.  Great disciples make great leaders.  The real issue is . . .

Who are you following?

Followers are devotees.  They are devoted to a particular person, cause or activity.

When I told Lo to follow me, I had to really think about my beliefs and what I am pouring into you with each post I write.

Can you grow from my posts? Am I growing from being so transparent? Am I shining my light? Am I true to myself and my beliefs?

I love blogging because of its medicinal properties.   It really helps the me flush out those thoughts that haunt me (the struggle is real) and thoughts the edify me (Our Comforter (Holy Spirit) is realer).  It is my hope that my words help you in some aspect of your life and if it doesn’t, for your sake, unfollow.


One thought on “Who Are You Following?

  1. I feel the same way about the term. I’ve always been an equal opportunity type of person and I have not asked one person to “follow” me. It is so cultish in terms but this puts some perspective to it. You right about the medicinal purposes.

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