January Down

It’s the last day in January, so let’s recap . . .  

I have done zero shopping this month.  YAY!  I didn’t even thrift.  I did stop by a Salvation Army to take a look but I left empty handed. 

I started drawing.  I drew a couple of things (flower, elephant, man, woman) I think I am going to focus on drawing black women.  I want to convert one of my drawings into cards. 

I posted 7 times this month.  That sucks! I am going to do better – I want to post 5xs a week.  But I gained about 3 new followers.  Welcome newbies.

I told people about my blog – something I never have done before.  I’m so critical of myself – I don’t need others to be too. LOL!

I am happy with the progress made in this New Year.  I know that I have a ways to go but I am on my way to fulfilling my New Year Resolutions.

How are you doing?



5 thoughts on “January Down

  1. The blog is great! I’m a newbie, but it’s refreshing to hear you’re story. I’m excited to see what you will write about next. Keep up the good work!

      1. Well I was looking for people who blog about locs (I recently just became part of the loc community) and you’re blog came up in my search. I know you discuss a lot of different topics, but I felt I could relate to a lot of what you were saying and wanted to continue reading.

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