#GetYoLife: What Goes Around Comes Around

I filed my taxes before someone else did! I know ya’ll mad confused about this statement . . . #readon

South Florida leads the nation in identity fraud. They tried to “get” me and have “gotten” a lot of people I know.  And they may be trying to “get” you!  These people cross state lines and once they get simple information about you they are able to wipe you clean.

I would like to start out by saying that the guy who tried to “get” me – cause you gotta be ahead of the gameGOT CAUGHT!!!!

He is currently being prosecuted for his crimes against me and about 20 others.  As a matter of fact, his name is BRANDON RAYMONVIL and he is being prosecuted by the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office.  YEP! I said it — It is all public information! #goandseeitforyourself #brandonyoudidthistoyourselfHOMEY #dontmesswithme #causeiwillgetyouwhereithurts

Anyways, back to my story . . .

While in the air, flying to get to my best friend’s 30th birthday celebration in Pennsylvania someone, somehow got my online banking information and submitted a change of email address.

I get off the plane and receive a confirmation about “my” recent email address change. I knew that wasn’t me – so I called.

They are like, “We’ve been having technical difficulties and it’s nothing to worry about.” #blahblahblah

I was tryna tell them that it’s fraud. Relunctanly I said, “okay” and I let it be.

Next day, I get another email #talkinsum (I’m getting a little heated and very hood now #woosah) I done changed my mailing address.


Where dey do dat at?!?!?!?


I call them up #immediately and I am at 1000! You could see steam coming out my ears – mad!  I had a few choice words for the 5 people I spoke too. #ohhellsno

Especially since I done told them that somebody was trying to get me.  I mean I told the first customer service rep about “the game” and she told me, “No, it’s their system, there is nothing to worry about.”

The accounts, “THE THIEF” aka BRANDON RAYMONDVIL was trying to get mailed over to an abandoned house (near where he lived) and activated were credit cards I stopped using years ago.  The balances were paid off but they were still open.

I asked the bank to close both credit card accounts.  Currently, I can not handle any business with the regular customer service people on the phone.  Once I call, I go directly to the fraud department because they have me flagged.

So because of this event I was afraid that “THE THIEF” aka BRANDON RAYMONVIL had sold my information (cause y’all know that’s hot on the market to sell SSNs).  So I was on a race to get my refund before someone else did.  And I beat them to the punch!

Of course after that I was all kinds of paranoid, so  . . .

I signed up for LifeLock #getyolife cause I got mine – my life is locked/secure! I pay $25 month and I can sleep better at night.  I also check my credit history and I am always looking at my bank accounts.  I have a verbal password linked up to all my accounts.  I also changed my password to my email and online banking.

I am a defense attorney to the core but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you how I despise thieves.  The audacity for someone to “come up” in minutes from something that takes me 40+ hours a week to make.  #ohhellsno #getyolife

I thank God, that I am very diligent with ensuring that I read and receive notifications about my account activity because “THE THIEF” aka BRANDON RAYMONVIL could have destroyed my life.  And y’all know your credit dictates a lot!

I feel so bad for those older folk who don’t have account notifications, who don’t know how to use the computer and are victims of these crimes.

I remember telling my sisters  . . .

NO deed goes unpunished!

I mean, God is just.  He is fair.  You may not receive the punishment now but when you do you’ll know exactly where it came from!


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