The Bug

Somehow, I caught it.  I felt it in my throat on Wednesday during trial.  I man’ed up and fought through it.  That night I went to Walgreens and purchased Emergen-C.  Drank one at night.

That night I had no sleep but I woke up feeling alright.  I went to work and was in court all day.  My nose was dripping, my head was throbbing and clients were pulling me left and right.  I had to go through a final violation of probation hearing (a mini trial where you have witnesses testify and at end the judge then finds if the defendant violated probation) where I could not stand and my head was throbbing so hard.  I left court like 5:30 and the ride home was horrible.  I felt like I needed to puke and I was just praying that I could get home quick.  Traffic was a bit rough and then it loosened up.  I made it home and I ran straight to my bed.  I turned off all the lights and dimmed my cell phone light and I rested.  I didn’t even sleep but I just laid down and chilled.  Within an hour I was feeling much better.

I should have never went to work but I couldn’t afford not to be there.  I needed rest.  My body was already tried from trying a case and then this little bug came and made matters worse.

So today, I’m chilling. I have some work that I need to do but I am not going in – it’ll be there on Monday.

Be safe out in these streets that damn bug is on the run.


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