When I was younger I didn’t care about panty lines because I was a little girl.  I loved my full coverage, cotton undies!  But when I became a woman I started to despise the thick lines outlining my butt.

Panty lines really bring your outfit down 10 notches.  Because people stop looking at what you’re wearing and start looking at your butt.  I know I do.  And I shake my head.

I hate it when I know what type of panties you’re wearing.  And when it looks like you’re wearing 4/5 panties, I die on the inside.  Bunching panties are the worst!

What can you do to avoid panty lines?

  • Try a thong or a similar alternative.  You don’t have to worry about lines because there are no lines. But be careful when bending or sitting . . . ya’ll know why!
  • I know every woman isn’t into thongs.  I get it – they can be a bit uncomfortable for some.  But if you are not into those things you should definitely try seamless panties (elastic or spandex).  Cotton panties are thicker and bunches more easily.  You can get seamless panties that will cover your entire butt and (lol!) you will have zero panty lines.  They are my favorite.  I purchased mine from VS but you can get them almost anywhere.
  • Another suggestion would be to buy panties that fit! Buy drawers that cover your butt properly and do not dig in too tightly. When your drawers are too big they bunch and your panty lines triples.  When your drawers are too small your butt cheeks are intersected by the tight elastic of the panties which make your lines more noticeable.  Buy panties that fit!
  • Also be aware of what you are wearing.  White pants? White undies? NO, Neutral undies!  Be cognizant of the color you are wearing and what color undies you should wear to prevent exposure.
  • Some materials hide lines better than others. And if your wearing something tight then know that lines are more likely to show.
  • Go Commando . . . I am playing with y’all. LOL! But this is an option. #fahrealdoe

I am pretty familiar with my clothes so I know what underwear I need to wear with my outfits.  Look at yourself before you leave the house. Ask a someone how you look.  If I’m unsure I always ask my momma or my sisters.

Now, If your jacket or top is hiding your lines – be my guest! If not, you know what I would suggest. #readabove

In the end it’s all about being presentable when you step out.


5 thoughts on “TEAM #NOPANTYLINES

  1. I hate panty lines but I also hate thongs lol sighhh…..those cheeksters from VS work pretty good and Hanes has some cotton ones that don’t bunch or cause lines. They are expensive for Hanes though.

    1. girl i totally understand not a big thong girl either so seamless panties are my best friend. i need to check out these cotton Hanes cheeksters. Thanks for reading and supporting. 🙂

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