What I’m Loving: Coconut Oil

I have been a fan of coconut oil for years.  When I started wearing my hair in locs I would use coconut oil on my scalp and locs.  I don’t use any oils in my hair as often as I did in the past as I find that my hair gets dirty faster.  But I love coconut oil instead of a lot of other oils because it was pretty light, provided great moisture and didn’t weigh my hair down.

Lately, I’ve used coconut oil every day after showering to moisten my skin.  I must admit, I use the cheaper LouAna brand for my skin.  After  get out of the shower I do not towel dry, I like to leave my skin a little damp and then I apply the coconut oil all over my body.  I love the way it leaves my skin well moisturized for the entire day.  I don’t feel like an oily mess even with Miami’s hot temperatures. I’m that girl who likes to have a glow – some call it shiny, i call it a glow. So I put it on my face too, when I am not wearing makeup, and go on about my day.  I would consider my skin type (not my face) as more dry than normal so a moisturizer/lotion is always necessary for me.  I sometimes  use the coconut oil and then add my Cetaphil on top but honestly, the oil is sufficient to keep me ash free for the entire day.

I also use Coconut Oil for oil pulling (I will talk about this in more detail in another post). When I oil pull I use my expeller pressed Organic Coconut Oil by Spectrum.  I figure if I am going to get so close to consuming it I want to make sure I have the better brand.

I love coconut oil! It is cheap and can be used for cooking, health and beauty.  It’s definitely a staple in my world and you should definitely try it out if you haven’t.  If you don’t like it on your hair, you might like in on your body by itself of mixed with a great butter, or maybe for oil pulling or in your food (as you can cook with it).

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits, different types and a galore of useful information about coconut oil click here.  


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