What I’m Loving: ELF Tinted Moisturizer

12509_83226_900px_deptImg.jpg._deptImg-2Let me be honest, I purchased 2 ELF tinted moisturizers a minute ago (at least 1 year ago).  ELF doesn’t have a huge variety of shades so I got the 2 that I thought were the closest shade to me – Mocha and Almond.  My rationale at that time were if they both were not my shade, I could mix them to get my shade.

So, I wore it a few times in the past but I never really liked them.  I’m not sure what it was that made me push this product to the back of my stash – but I did.

I’m the woman who will use a product faithfully until it’s done especially if I don’t like it, because I don’t want to waste my money.  The great thing about ELF products are that they are very inexpensive.  And from what I have been reading their formulas have improved since my last purchase a year ago.  People often wonder how can ELF afford to sell their products so cheap? Well, it’s because ELF unlike other makeup companies don’t invest a lot of their money into packaging.  ELF’s packaging is pretty basic.  Although they have stepped their packaging game stepped up since their launch it’s still not as cute as other higher end lines.  But who cares, right? Well I guess some people do. LOL.  With ELF you can get quality products at a great price.  And  if you don’t like it after trying them, you only spent 1-3 bucks on average – so no love lost.

Let’s get back to the Tinted Moisturizer.  Currently, I own one MAC foundation. I only buy foundation when I am completely out.  This is my third foundation that I have ever purchased – IN MY LIFE.  I purchased my first MAC foundation back in 2005 and I just ran out of it mid last year.  I purchased a MaryKay foundation in 2011 and I loved  it but it also ran out last year.  Shows you how much I wear makeup.

Anyways I love my MAC foundations but I don’t always want full coverage.  And I don’t always want to dish out the 30+ dollars either.  The great thing is that I have clear skin thus I don’t need full coverage.  This is where the beloved tinted moisturizer helps me with my dilemma.  Literally it’s a tinted moisturizer – Color/Tint plus Moisturizer.  So you can honestly make your own because it’s a pretty simple concept (ingredients = moisturizer and foundation).  It also has SPF 20, so it keeps you protected from harmful UV rays.  I love it because it keeps my face moisturized, gives me that dewy glow (which I love) and it provides very light coverage.  It evens out my skin but I don’t feel like I have a lot of makeup on – which is a plus!

And the best thing about the tinted moisturizer is that it is $3 and it’s well worth it.

You should definitely try out these products especially if you are not into full coverage makeup but want some coverage.  It’s affordable and a great product.  ELF is always having a sale so sign up on their mailing list (and you might get a discount for just signing up) and they will let you know when they are having a sale.



4 thoughts on “What I’m Loving: ELF Tinted Moisturizer

  1. Cool! This is a good review! Unfortunately, I have some old acne scars that I like to cover when I wear make up and tinted moisturizers don’t work for me. I tried Black Radiance’s new BB cream it’s pretty good.

    1. Seems like all colors are sold out except dark. But you can go to Target/Walmart and see if they have the BB cream. If they do, then great you can actually see the tone and tell if it’s your complexion. Just looking at the website I would say try the beige or medium. Medium is a bit darker.

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