February Down

2 months down.  10 more to go.

In February I only wrote 6 posts. #boo I told y’all I would do better and I underperformed.  Blogging takes a lot planning.  Sometimes I have nothing to write about, at least that’s what I think.  But like anything else I need to be deliberate and strategic at this.  So with that being said, I will now be implementing, What I’m Loving at the end of each month.  These posts will be about things I love and am using. Something small but it’s a great way to share some things that I am loving.

But even with my horribly low posts I managed to get 6 new followers! Hello WORLD. Thanks for the support.

In February I tried 4 cases. Two of which actually ended with a verdict (NOT GUILTY) and the other 2 we picked juries but the cases were later dismissed.

I also joined a professional network.  I attended the first event, “Art Collecting for the Young Collector” sponsored by the Young Professionals of the Americas and I immediately decided to join.  I love art and I hope to start building/investing in a collection within a couple of years.  I loved the event! The space was awesome.  I should have taken pictures.  The event was very informative and I met some great people.

I went on my first date of the year in February.  #sukisukinow And I met him on Valentine’s Day #solame through a friend.  I was so opposed to this.  I just felt so lame meeting a guy on Valentine’s Day – I thought it looked desperate.  But I let down my pride and decided to meet him.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  I have more to say about this cause ya’ll know I like to keep it real over here but I will save that for a later post.

I partied with my sisters on their birthday #TeamAquarius and we had a fun-filled weekend. We had a happy hour event, popped bottles at a club and ate dinner at a Thai restaurant.  It was really fun! I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.

In March I will post more.  My goal is 3 posts a week.  That’s doable. 🙂

I will also be getting back to a healthy lifestyle.  I am going to try yoga.  Why did I try to do a yoga pose and I nearly busted my head wide open. #truestory The pose looked simple but it really aint.  But hopefully I will be able to survive this challenge without any injuries. #knocksonwood So this should be interesting.

March I think I’m ready for you  . . .


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