Operation Passion

I’m on a journey to find my passion.  It’s quite frustrating to spend so many years to get to a certain position only to find it’s not what you really want.  Or, you just don’t want it anymore. #canigetaAMEN A great part of me believes that your passion grows and that you are never really satisfied. 

I talked to an attorney friend about our career discontent.  SN: I promise you, a huge amount of attorneys don’t see themselves as an attorney forever.  They envision retiring in another career.  This attorney friend went to Berkeley, worked at a huge law firm, made crazy loot and quit after her first year.  I know ya’ll like, I would have sucked it up and stayed at the job. #lies Big law firm life ain’t nothing to #fuxs with. #truestory Now she’s at a boutique from making less than a fourth of what she use to make but she’s happy and she likes what she does.

My attorney friend and I always talk about our next steps.  We talked about how our generation is not like our parents.  Unlike our parents, we don’t stay at a job for our entire life. We are risk takers.  For us it’s not just about making money and providing for the family it’s about being happy with where you work.  My parents didn’t think about happiness they thought about providing.  And it really breaks my heart because hating what you do is torture.  Waking up every single morning to go to a job that is stressful and doing something that you are not passionate about is the WORST!

Last week I listened to one of my favorite albums – Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged No. 2.0.  As a matter of fact I’m listening it to it now.  I over love this album.  I’ve been a fan since day one but this Lauryn, on this album, is someone who I deeply identify with.  She is so reflective, mature, emotional, raw.  I love her openness and thoughtfulness.  Pastor Hill brought a word forth.  I think you will be blessed by it too.

During an interlude, Lauryn says . . .

A friend of mine says that every tub has to stand on its own bottom. And in that respect, we all get to do what our passion is.

See that’s what praising God is all about, it’s doing your passion. You know, it’s not useless, worthless ritual, monotonous ritual, where we just show up and can’t wait to see the game. It’s doing your passion, fulfilling your passion. That’s how we are thankful. That’s how we say we appreciate the opportunity to be alive. And I’m just glad that I don’t have to slave anymore.

Cuz music (fill in the blank) was my love, and because of everything I thought had to accompany my music it became my burden. It just got stolen from me. I said, What is this? How did this thing that I love so much so easily and so quickly turn to something I loath and hate? And so now, I understand that it was because I was measuring myself or trying to compare myself to a standard that wasn’t reality. It wasn’t the standard at all, you know.

There’s a scripture in the Bible that says, ‘We compare ourselves amongst ourselves’. That’s not the standard. You already are the standard.

What are you trying to fit into a standard for? We were each created to be individual standards. And we’re trying to fit into a standard? It doesn’t make any sense. So now I’m just ready to be me. And it’s a lot to work though because all of us have hidden in these little boxes purposely, because of parts of ourselves that we were unhappy about and we didn’t love. And it’s because we didn’t understand because there’s all this social doctrine that says, that the infinite God, with all this expression, who created every single one of us, absolutely different, on purpose, wants everybody to fit into the same suit. But I’m like, that’s deception. That’s deception . . .


One thought on “Operation Passion

  1. Your generation isn’t built to be content in one career. Your attention span demands constant change and stimulation. Mine was taught by Baby Boomers who stressed commitment and consistency. We are torn between the need for passion and the need to work. We are the ones who dare try our hands to at two careers in a life time. I am happy just to explore another phase of my life yet fully knowing I got bills to pay. Now I know that I certainly won’t retire in my current job, but I won’t stray too far from the papers I’m still paying student loans for. where you can explore at least five simultaneously. Your generation got hung over on videos games where re-set is what you did when you wanted to try it again. So do just that. #TeamReset

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