War Wounds

When I was in elementary school (maybe 3rd grade) my sisters and I walked to school with our neighbors.  So every morning our neighbors would come to our house and call for us to come out to walk to school with them.

One day they came on our porch and knocked on my room’s window.  I went to the window to see who was knocking and once I pulled back the curtain, Fritz (one of neighbors kids) knocked on the window so hard, the glass shattered.   A piece of glass flew and cut the skin near the inner part of my eye.  Thank God I am still able to see. 

I was a cry baby back then and I still am.  So you know I cried like the baby.  Needless to say it really hurt and it created a visible scar.  I use to be very self-conscious about my eye scar now I forget that I even have it.

My scar is on my right eye near my tear duct.

Do you have a war wound? How did you get it? Are you self-conscious or do you hardly notice it?


One thought on “War Wounds

  1. My war wounds were around both my knees. I had “boils” when I was 7 or 8 while living in St Maarten. It was traumatic for me because when I spent weekends at my godmother’s she has a big family and I would help with the serving. This particular weekend she didn’t let me because I had the boils and she knew it was contagious. I still remember not being able to pass around the pitcher of milk because of my war wounds 😦 They are only visible to those who are staring really hard. Great topic!

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