Animal Look-Alikes

A girlfriend once told me that every human resemble an animal.  I definitely agree with her, so it’s only right that I call myself out.

I look like an aardvark.


I know what you’re thinking, “Where in the hell does she get aardvark from?”  Okay, so way before my homegirl said anything about humans having animal look-alikes, I always knew that I did.  How? Because I was a cartoon fanatic like all kids.  I loved Arthur.


And Arthur is an aardvark and he is hands down my animal look-alike!

Aardvarks are nocturnal, living in burrows during the day and are very rarely seen. I am a night owl.  I am most productive at night when everyone else is sleeping and all is quiet. 

Aardvarks live alone. I am very much a loner.  I like people but most of the time I prefer to be alone. 

Aardvarks have bad eyesight. I’ve been in the #4EyesMoEyes clique for over 2 decades.

Aardvarks are secretive animals, so very little is known about their way of life. I ain’t a broadcast your business over Facebook, kinda girl. 

Aardvarks are fierce fighters, using huge claws and dangerous weapons. You can take the girl out the hood but you can’t take the hood . . .

What animal do you resemble? What are some characteristics you both share with this animal?


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