Happy Birthday Daddy

My Father is the absolute best.  We are so grateful to celebrate another year with him on this Earth.  Sometimes he can get on our nerves like all parents do but at the end of the day we always know that he really loves his family.  Today he turned 69 years young!  This entire weekend he was bed ridden.  We went running and he says I worked him out too much.  LOL!  Anyways, today he was feeling so much better.  And we were glad that we could take him out to celebrate his birthday.

My sisters and I took him out to lunch for his birthday.  We went to Little Brazil in Miami Beach.


He of course, in true Caribbean fashion got the red snapper – which was so good.



My sisters and I got grilled chicken.


The salad dressing was so bomb.  It really took me back to my summer in Brasil (summer 2007??).  I remember being in Rio and eating so much salad and fries LOL.  I remember the dressing being so delicious and today my taste buds rejoiced. My father’s dish came with a full salad.  In his salad there was beet, red onion, lettuce, carrot, tomatoes and heart of palm.


Each of our dishes were served with rice and beans.  I went in on the salad, vegetables and grilled chicken and really didn’t even think about my rice and beans but when I got to it- it was delicious. Brazilian food isn’t really different than the food my mom cooks so we felt right at home.

If you are ever in Miami be sure to stop by Little Brazil.  Next time I go, I’m getting steak.  Overall, the experience was great!

Great food – great company. Happy Birthday Daddy!






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