Weekend Faves: BBC Shows

I have become a BBC junkie.  I have stumbled upon some really great BBC shows that you should check out.  When I love a show I can watch it in a span of a weekend and for both of these shows I have watched every single episode. My two favorites this weekend were:

1. Orphan Black – My best friend, Ronke, put me on this show.  For all you science buffs you will love this show.  And for those of us who aren’t – you will love this show! It’s about clones who were born to women by in vitro fertilization.  Some of the clones know there are others out there, some don’t.  The protagonist, Sarah Manning, does not know.  You get to meet the clones and learn their stories.  So many truths come to the light and it leaves you wanting more.  It’s a great story line about love, trust, politics, ethics, money, religion, and so much more.

2. Luther – stars Idris Elba – need i say more.  Ladies, you will fall in love with him all over again. This man has so much damn swag! His walk with his hands in his pocket — so damn sexy!  Oh yeah – the plot . . . Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) John Luther is the man when it comes to solving crimes.  Some think of him as being a crooked cop other see him as epic. The series is well written, it throws curve balls at you and it keeps you wanting more.  Unfortunately, Luther will not return for a 4th series but  a feature film is in production.

Have you watched any of these shows? Thoughts.


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