Mid Year Review

My 2014 New Year Resolution list included:

  1. Travel to 2 places on my “places I want to visit” list.  The only new place i went to this year has been Charleston although not originally on “the list”, I will add this as one place.  I am shooting for TX or AZ before the year ends.)
  2. Build my brand (website, social media, content, logo). SKIP
  3. Network – do community service, attend a first Wednesday event, become active in a bar association.  I didn’t network the way I originally planned but I have accomplished that goal.  This year I was chosen for a fellowship so I will put this down as accomplished.  I also implemented a community service program.  YAY me!
  4. Save more spend less (shopping will be at a minimum — Wear my closet!). This started good but once you start you just can’t stop.  I am on a shopping freeze.  
  5. Bake – I want to take on cookies, muffins and cakes.  I took on cookies – they weren’t good tho.
  6. Learn the art of photography. I started drawing.  I have about 5-7 pictures. I know drawing aint photography but it’s in the arts and I could of sworn I listed drawing.  
  7. Do a couple of photo shoots. Yes, I will be the photographer. SKIP
  8. Celebrate my family and friends by being more kind and thoughtful. Give bday gifts to my family and friends on their birthdays.  We turnt up for my sisters birthday and we celebrated my dad’s birthday. 
  9. Go on dates — yes plural! I went on one date.  
  10. Be a better employee.  Partial SKIP.  I learned that you have to love your job in order for this to work . . .
  11. Reconnect with an old friend every 2 weeks – give them a call/brunch/coffee.  I actually reconnected with a past best friend and I did send out small talk texts to some old friends
  12. Use my time wisely – SKIP
  13. Do work at a coffee-house on Saturday mornings – SKIP
  14. Get another stream of income (Sell at the Swap Shop at least twice this year). No swap shop but I sold at Plato’s Closet (3 times) and I do sell online (PM and TF). I have a couple of streams of income.
  15. Become more tech savvy. i purchased a Mac Pro and I’m learning it.
  16. Study the Bible. Started great ended not so good. 
  17. Pray more! Monday night prayer. SKIP. I feel so bad. 
  18. Read more! News Articles, Books, Magazines. I actually read more than I thought.  I read a lot of online articles and I read a couple of great books so far. 
  19. Do something cool to my hair.  I am still contemplating this one – color or cut – idk

We still have about 6 more months to do more.  I need to do better in my spiritual life, so I am going to make it priority.  Have you reached some of your goals? What areas will you focus more on these next 6 months?


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