Friday Finds: BSS

IMG_8970This week I painted my nails using a Ruby Kisses (RK) nail polish I purchased a long time ago.  I’ve used it before but I didn’t remember the staying power.  Usually I get 2/3 days of no chip nails after I do my manicure.  With the RK I got an entire 5 days and I washed dishes and did other chores.  So I decided to stop by the Beauty Supply Store (BSS) and try a couple of other colors by RK.  I got a white RK polish because I got a white mani/pedi last Christmas and it was so dope.  And I don’t have a nice white polish so I said let me try RK.  I got the neon green RK polish because I saw Wendy Williams’ nails on R&B Divas Season 3 Reunion and her nails were so hot. I will let you all know about the staying power of these RK polishes.

Lastly, I finally purchased a L.A. Girls Pro.conceal in the color Toast.  Yes, I know that I am mad late but who cares!  There were so many to choose from and it was so unorganized that it made choosing just one way too difficult.  I hate too many options!  I started with 4 in my hand and I was going to purchase all four then I had an honest talk with myself and decided that I didn’t need them all. I want to use this to highlight under my eyes, so I went for the lightest color of the 4. I’ll let ya’ll know how that goes.


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