Urge to Purge

Every once in a while I get an urge to purge.  And this urge usually comes when I go shopping like a boss – and this weekend I caused havoc in Zara, H&M (my favorite store) and NastyGal.  I just feel like I need to make room for new things, so I need to get rid of some things.

But even before this weekend, I gave my mom a ton of jewelry to give to my cousin, Tamara in Haiti. It started because my mom asked for a necklace to wear to Haiti, so through my things I went and I found 2 necklaces for my mom.  In the midst of going through my jewelry for my mom I noticed a couple of things that I didn’t want anymore, and the purge began.  I created some wooden earring holders years ago, They are 20×20 and they hang on my wall and hold all my earrings that have hooks.  I went through both frames and I gave my mom everything that my spirit would allow me to part with (I have attachment issues – another post for another day). The spirit was willing and the flesh was strong so off these items went to a new home.  A home where I am sure they will get the love and attention they deserve.  And in the end, that’s really all a fashionista wants.  🙂

This weekend however, the urge to purge came after an online shopping session.  While shopping I of course went to the jewelry section and I noticed a few pieces I wanted.  I have a ton of jewelry but I usually go for the more simple pieces. I would consider myself as transitioning out of gaudy.  Okay maybe not completely out of it, but my taste in jewelry is shifting a bit.  Now, don’t get me wrong you definitely need a statement necklace or earrings but I’m at a place where I think I have more than enough.

I placed my orders and I grabbed my two necklace stands and I went through them.  I ended up with a nice pile.  I then went through my sale pile, which consisted of jewelry, shoes and clothes.  All of these items were listed on my PoshMark and Threadflip closets and I posted them in my closet for sale back in August 2013.  They didn’t sale and I think a year is more than enough time so I made the only decision to donate them too.  I did keep my vintage dresses.  They were in the sale pile but not posted.  I will be adding them to my closet soon.  

The only person I thought of was my niece a Spelman College rising sophomore who is into fashion. I texted her to come and get these items and she did.

Today, I pulled out my shirts in my drawer and I created a small pile.  I will be calling her for that too.

My hope is to purge everything that I am not using but I want to create a cohesive wardrobe.  So I will be buying and selling/giving away.  I will be going through my clothes in my closet next.  That’s going to have me in tears cause I love my clothes – but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Has there been any spring/summer cleaning for you? What has been the hardest item for you to part with?



4 thoughts on “Urge to Purge

  1. I don’t consider myself trendy so things stay in my closet longer. It’s finding worthy homes for the things that I give away that bothers me. People don’t value worthy pieces like they used to. Keep saying I want to host a fashion exchange event. No Rainbows wearing chicks allowed!

    1. it’s trendy people have to purge way more frequently. A fashion exchange event would be cool, although I hate to see people wearing my stuff because Im going to want it back. LMBO.

  2. I have a tendency to purge frequently, but I have now I have less disposable income I have become very careful about trying to buy things that I truly love. I am also trying to up-cycle things that I have fallen out of love with. This is the year of make do and mend.

    1. Over the years I have shifted from going into stores to shopping online, so many times an item looks really great online but it doesn’t complement me well or it doesn’t look as good when I get it. So a downside with online shopping has been me thinking I love an item but when I get it and try it on I’m not in love with it. So I usually return them. But that’s what I am trying to do buy things I love. So I find myself replacing items that I love that are old with similar looking new items. I’m trying to get into up-cycling certain things like some of my favorite jewelry pieces that broke, I need to make time to create new pieces with parts of my favorite broken pieces. Thanks for sharing!

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