Freebie: Julep Beauty Box

Julep is a monthly beauty box subscription.  You pay a fee (either 24.99 for the Julep Maven or 39.99 for the Maven Luxe) and you will receive a box filled with beauty products every month.  The good thing about Julep is that they allow you to customize your box.  So you get a preview of your box, which is based on your style profile (Classic with a Twist, Bombshell, It Girl, Boho Glam or Modern Beauty) and you can choose to accept your ‘go-to’ style, try a new style, or customize your box as much or as little as you like. Your style profile can be determined by taking a short quiz or you can skip the quiz if you already know your style profile.  Julep focuses on nail care, so if you are like me and love a nice nail polish then you may want to read on about how to get your hands on a free box.

I got my first Julep box for free (using the code HELLOYOU at checkout), I just paid $2.99 for shipping and handling and they sent me a Hello Summer Beauty Box (i.e. a Welcome Box) for FREE.  The welcome box is not customized for you, so you may receive things from a melee of style profiles.  The contents of your next box (if you choose to stay with them) will depend on your subscription tier.  But you will be able to customize your box during the Monthly Maven Reveal (on the 20-24th of every month) where you can preview your box and make any customizations.

In order to get the box for FREE you will need to sign up for Julep Maven ($24.99 monthly subscription box) but you will not be charged anything but a shipping fee of $2.99 for your Welcome Box.  However, if you continue the subscription with Julep Maven you will be charged $24.99.  This means that you will have to cancel your subscription. You must cancel by midnight of the 24th in order to not be billed for the month’s maven box. 

If you are still undecided, please take a look at my Julep Maven box and see what I received.

You will receive a small box filled with shredded paper, with a bunch of goodies inside. I received 5 products in my Welcome Box (you may receive the same amount or less). Inside also contained a small informational brochure and a coupon for 50% off of my next order. .
I received 3 bottles of nail polish. From L (purple) to R (red) names followed by the style profile they are associated with: Colette (Bombshell), Florence (Classic with a Twist) and Tamara (Boho Glam). They are packaged so cute, the box reads “Julep Color Treat”. They are .27 fl oz and have a black top. Review of the quality of the polish will be coming soon.
I also received the Julep Essential Cuticle Oil (review coming soon). But it’s packed exclusively with really great oils. I’m excited to try this. Lastly, I received the Solace Oil Free Sunscreen with SPF 30. It’s a 3 oz container . I’m not a big sunscreen girl so if I had the choice i would have switched this product out. But it’s free, so no complaints. I live in Miami, so I can put this to great use.























Now go gets yours!


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