The Bug

This weekend was rough! I fell ill on Saturday.  My throat started to hurt, and it always begins like that.  I didn’t have a fever but I had body aches and my nose was running like crazy.  Felt like the beginning of the flu again.  I am traveling out-of-town this week so I had to get rid of whatever was coming on.  I drank 2 packets of Emergen-C and I also drank some green tea.  I then popped some peppermints in my mouth and it soothed my aching throat.  Then I popped my cough drops in my mouth but they didn’t really help that much.

Saturday night was rough.  My throat was killing me and I was so uncomfortable.  I woke up on Sunday and my sore throat was gone – #PraiseJesus but I was still a bit weak.  So I am home resting because I need to be 100% for my trip. I have a bit to do before I leave Wednesday after work.  I may be in trial tomorrow and Tuesday with my friend, I need to take care of a few things for some clients before I leave and I need to pack (which is an event in itself).  Anyways, your girl is feeling a lot better and she’s even a bit slimmer #TheSickDiet



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