Update Post: The Bug (Part Deux) and Trip Organization

I feel like falling ill before a trip has become a constant theme this year.  Today, I stayed home because I developed a bad chest cold.  I am so congested and the fact, that I suffer from asthma doesn’t make it any better.  Hopefully a day or two (I aint never scared to use a sick day – considering we don’t really have a number) of RnR will whip me back into shape in no time.

I am leaving for the Bay Area this Friday, for a week.  We are going to try to do wine country this weekend.  Last year we biked the Golden Gate Bridge – I may be up for that challenge again.  Although, I have not worked out in ages and I know my body will pay for it later, I think I’m down.

We also plan to do some hiking so I need to bring the appropriate shoes.  I was going to buy some cute ones, but my workout sneakers will do.  We have the symphony lined up as well.  I’m still undecided about  the dress I will wear.  And I am going to see my law school BFF, who I lost contact with since graduating in 2008.  She quit her stable law firm job and moved from STL to Oakland.  Now she is opening up her own boutique.  I am incredibly proud of her and I really can’t wait to see her and catch up.  I should do a post about how we reconnected.  A lot of people think it’s the sweetest story ever.  LOL!

I purchased a new piece of luggage.  I am so excited for it to arrive tomorrow.  I wanted to travel with a book bag and my carry on luggage so I went on every sight to look for a cute leather book bag.  I was inspired when I saw Hugh Jackman with a sleek black leather book bag and I was on a hunt to get it.  His had a space for his laptop, which I travel with as well. I couldn’t find anything that I really liked so I started to look for a book bag and luggage in one – “weekenders”.  I am still on the hunt for a sleek leather book bag for personal use.

There is never enough space for everything in my carry-on.  So I always stuff my purse with my makeup, toiletries and jewelry.  In addition to those things I regularly carry like a wallet, phone, book(s), notebook, laptop, snacks and a whole lot of other stuff.  And because big bags usually have little to no compartments – just a big open space – everything is dumped on top of each other, which results in pure chaos.  So it takes time to look for my phone, my id, my boarding pass, headphones, or gum.  I’m just done with having these pre boarding anxiety attacks, so I went to eBags and picked out a cute piece of luggage.  It’s a professional weekender, it has space for my laptop but also space to store things for a weekend trip.  I hope it’s everything I hoped for it to be – if not I do have the option of returning it.

I also purchased some luggage organizers for my carry-on.  That way I can organize my outfits for the trip.  I do plan on buying a new carry on as well.  I still haven’t found what I really want.

But I’m home trying to get better.  I hope you are well!


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