Re: My Locs

This blog is called The Loc Diaries and it was created to document my loc journey.  But somewhere along the road, life happened and my hair became secondary maybe even tertiary. To those who originally followed for loc updates and loc styles, I apologize for the unexpected turn this blog has taken.

So today I’ve decided to talk about my locs.


  1. I have been on this journey for 6 years and 2 months.
  2. My original set of locs had about 198 locs. Currently I have around 92.
    1. How?
      1. I combined them.
    2. Why?
      1. I had way too much hair on my head.  I have thick hair, and to have that many locs on my head became burdensome, so I decided to reduce the number and get thicker locs.  I wish I really paid attention to my hair texture and density when deciding the size of my locs.
  3. I do not have a set retwist routine.  I do it whenever I feel – it’s really pure laziness, especially when I was doing my own hair. Recently, I met a bomb loctician, who has the most reasonable prices ever, and she has officially became my loctician.  Second session is this Friday! She recommended that I come every 3-4 weeks, but I don’t. LOL! I go whenever the spirit or an event moves me. photo
  4. I have strands of thread in my hair.
    1. Why?
      1. I combined my hair by “sewing” them together.  I didn’t actually sew them but I wrapped thread around the ones I wanted to combine and knot the top and bottom.  A lot of the thread have become loose and I clip them whenever I see them.
  5. I have a couple of double headed dragons because I combined my hair.  They don’t annoy me.  I know some people clip one of the locs off — not I! What I do plan on doing in the future is clipping both locs off right where they become one.  But I won’t do this until my locs are just out of hand long.
  6. Buildup and Lint is REAL!
    1. It’s inescapable. The best way to keep buildup at bay is to not use heavy products on your locs.  I know some people use butters and/or wax on their hair – I would recommend against that because it will catch up to you.  Lint can be kept at bay by covering your hair at night, and wearing your hair up when wearing certain fabrics.
  7. There is a battle ensuing . . .
    1. The itch to become a loose natural is sooo real.  I was in front of the mirror a couple of weeks ago and everything in me was telling me to grab my scissors and go to work but i didn’t . . .the struggle has become even more difficult as I see people with locs transition to loose natural.  But when people compliment my hair and say they want locs because my hair is bomb – I’m like maybe I won’t become a loose natural.  Idk.  The struggle continues . . .
  8. Virgin Locs
    1. No color has graced my head.  I was seriously contemplating booking a flight to NY, to go to a salon in Brooklyn for a custom hair color but I never went through with it.  I don’t want to compromise the integrity of my locs.  I have heard too many horror stories about locs popping off and color causing weak spots on locs. My boyfriend, loves my hair.  He told me “Your hair says a lot about you — your hair is sooo strong!”  Right now, I fiend for color sometimes but my naturally black locs do tell a story that I love.
  9. I have never interlocked.  I can see how this method would be beneficial as far as having a longer manicured look is concerned but I never got into it.  Palm rolling is the only method I have ever used.
  10. I don’t wear a lot of styles.  I am a plain jane.  I like my hair down or in a ponytail.



2 thoughts on “Re: My Locs

  1. I’m not sure how often you check your emails/post but I just moved to Rockland. I have my own Loctitian I’m on my second set, but my daughters wants them and unfortunately my Loctician does not do kids. is your Loctitian in Rockland and does she or he do children’s locs?? I hope to hear from you soon.

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