Brown Sugar Kitchen in Sweet West Oakland

My boyfriend loves brunch so he always finds a cool spot to take me to. Today, we brunched at Brown Sugar Kitchen (BSK). He found out about the spot from an online site called 7×

We are staying in Oakland for the week, so BSK was only 7 minutes away. When we got there people were standing, waiting for a table. They quoted our wait time to be 45 minutes so we chilled outside and ordered chai latte, his was dirty (with a shot of espresso).


We finished our drinks and our names were called. We were seated at the bar and we ordered the highly recommended chicken and waffles. The menu is pretty limited so it didn’t take me my usual 30 minutes to figure it out.

I also ordered a sangria which was bomb!


Our food came out and it was tasty. The waffles are made out of corn meal so it was very light and airy. The chicken was moist and well battered. I eat fried chicken with hot sauce and
they had Crystal’s Hot Sauce, which I rarely see at establishments.


Out waitress thought we waited too long for our food so she offered us complimentary beignets!!!! We ate them with their house mad blackberry jam and it was soo delicious.


Everyone was pleasant and the food was really good. The menu is limited but everyone can find something. If we return I want to try the ribs and po boy.

Now we are on our way to Napa Valley. Looking forward to tasting some great wine.


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